Sydney's Song

by Michael J. Pollack

Verse I: Phoenix and Dragon

An epic struggle exists between two ancient factions that have been at war since time out-of-mind. The battle rages on today in the world-beneath-the-world, with its changes of fortune determining the course of human history. When two small-town teens find an ancient relic that draws them into the timeless war, they are cast back to Revolutionary America with a mission to find and repair one warrior's simple mistake, which has tipped the war's balance of power against humanity's favor. This novel is undergoing a structural overhaul.

Verse II: The Dark Place

Jimmie Knight drowned in a pond on his twelfth birthday. Dead and gone. Oh sure, someone revived him, but the little girl he’d frantically chased into its depths wasn’t as lucky. Five years pass by, and Ember Grace dances into his life. She is his light, but a shadow preys on her. The same unwanted gift of foresight that had given young Jimmie a vision of the drowning child now re-awakens to warn of the darkness sweeping over Ember. Her soul is hunted by an evil presence that dwells in the pond; Ember is the key to drawing the town’s children into an army of darkness. Jimmie sets out to overcome his fear of the dark water and deliver some serious payback before the night claims Ember and the children. Redemption is within reach, but victory demands sacrifice, and Jimmie doesn’t have much to give.

Verse III: Inferno

The death of a character in The Dark Place gave rise to Inferno, which details an eighteen-year-old girl's Dante-esque journey through the nine circles of Hell as she seeks redemption for grave mistakes made in life. Through layers of increasing suffering, she is guided by another character from The Dark Place who had gone before her. But is the promise of redemption nothing more than the Devil's ploy to draw her into deeper suffering? This novel is my current work-in-progress.